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microwave | easy microwave meals

5 easy microwave meals for when you’re too busy to cook

Short on time? Try these easy microwave meals that come together in minutes ...
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tired bulldog at desk, sleep and metabolism concept

Tired and craving junk food? How sleep affects your metabolism

Feeling hangry? Learn how a lack of sleep can affect your metabolism and your brain ...
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female trying to stay awake while studying

Ask the doc: “How can I stay awake in class or while studying?”

Nodding off in class or while studying could be a sign of sleep debt. Along with getting more sleep, these ...
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young man outdoors performing pushup circuits

FitnessU: 3 push-up circuits to work your arms, back, and core

Personal trainer Frankie Romeo talks you through correct form and demos three push-up circuits—with beginner, intermediate, and advanced variations. ...
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Group of girls with moving boxes | personal space

Roommate tips: 5 ways to create personal space in a shared living environment

Living with others? Here are some tips for creating personal space, managing distractions, and keeping the peace ...
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teacher meeting with students | college hacks

A simple college hack to make this your best year yet

Learn how the simple act of attending professor office hours can be beneficial to your academics and future career ...
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male student practicing his best study method

Ask the professor: “I’m trying to figure out what the best study method is for me—how do I do that?”

Everybody learns differently, and different assignments require different methods. Find out your study strategy using this simple equation ...
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students climbing stairs to resource center

Making the most of disability services on your campus

Making use of the disability services on your campus can play a huge role in your academic success. Here are ...
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prepared fruit salad

UCookbook: Honey-lime fruit salad

Bring this honey-lime fruit salad to your next social gathering ...
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vector image for people and question mark | how to gain weight healthy

Ask the nutritionist: “I am healthy but on the skinny side. How do I gain weight?”

If you have a low body weight and wish to gain weight for health or sports-related reasons, here’s how to ...
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yoga poses for stress | purple yoga equipment

Our 4 favorite stress-busting yoga routines

These four yoga routines are perfect for undoing the stresses of college life ...
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liver illustration

Ask the doc: “Some of my friends have developed fatty liver disease and they are so young. Why is this happening to them?”

What is non-alcoholic fatty liver disease? And what can you do if you have it? Find out here ...
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