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Wellness promotion simplified

With an ever increasing flow of misinformation, it has become critically important for students to have a trusted source of health and wellness content. Students are hungry for wellness information delivered on their preferred media channels in a voice that resonates with them.

The challenge for most administrators is the time it takes to:
● Create high-quality health and wellness content across multiple departments.
● Consistently promote that content to students on- and off-campus.
● Measure the effectiveness of their health messaging.

With CampusWell, creating a unified campus-wide message covering all 8 dimensions of wellness has never been easier. We provide you with original, student-friendly, research-based content vetted by experts including doctors, psychologists, nutritionists, and higher ed professionals. We also help you promote your own health and wellness messaging via our customizable platform. Finally, we offer detailed analytics to show just how much your students are engaging with your message. In other words, we do all the heavy lifting for you.

CampusWell original, research-backed content

We know you’re busy, and creating high-quality, fact-based health and wellness content takes time. When you sign up with CampusWell, you gain access to an archive of 1,000+ original, research-backed articles and videos on topics ranging from substance use, test-taking strategies, mental health, financial advice, and much more. You can even create your own custom content to keep students informed of events, updates, campus wellness initiatives, etc.—and we’ll promote it for you! 

How to plan nourishing meals on- or off-campus

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Don’t fall for it! Tips for spotting misinformation, doctored videos, and fake news

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Every department at your school
supports student wellness

Wellness is more than just fitness and nutrition—every area of a student’s life affects how they feel, think, and perform. Your student affairs departments are all connected by this underlying thread of supporting student wellness, and CampusWell is the linchpin that unifies this campus-wide effort into a cohesive message. Our program highlights how each department fits into one of eight dimensions of wellness: physical, emotional, social, intellectual, occupational, financial, spiritual, and environmental.

Tools to promote CampusWell

Email Marketing


PDF Printables



Content Integration

Email marketing

Your chosen content is delivered through a professionally designed email.

YouTube ads

Reach your target student audience with targeted YouTube Ads.

PDF printables

Create a visual impact on campus with posters featuring new content and year-round health messaging.



Establish a strong on-campus presence with CampusWell’s slideshow presentations for your digital screens.

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Social media

Meet your students where they are through a comprehensive social media campaign.


Content integration

Display CampusWell content right on your departments’ websites with content integration.

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Measuring results

When you put effort into health promotion, it’s important to get feedback. How many students are receiving your message? How often are you reaching them? Which students have changed their behaviors based on the health messages you’re sending? We answer these questions and provide detailed analytics on both the quantity and quality of student engagement with your school’s CampusWell site.



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