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Reach students on multiple platforms

You could have the greatest health and wellness content in the world, but that doesn’t matter if students don’t know about it. Our promotional services aim to meet students where they are, across multiple channels, to increase the visibility of your wellness messages and resources.

Email marketing

We provide you with professionally designed emails containing the latest CampusWell content to send to your students, parents, and faculty each week. We can send the emails on your behalf, or you can choose to send them yourself.

YouTube ads

Experience the impact of strategically targeted YouTube ads, customized to your student audience. Expand your reach and achieve your engagement goals by meeting them directly on the platforms they’re on with quality content they can relate to.

PDF printables

The more visible your content, the more effective it is. We provide posters each month featuring new content for your hallways, bulletin boards, or bathroom stalls. Can’t always print new posters? Check out our generic posters that can be used at any time throughout the year.

Streaming Video Feeds

Streaming video feeds featuring evergreen health messaging as well as new, monthly content support your on-campus presence. Our streaming video feeds can be used to promote topics on screens around your campus or used in presentations and orientations.


Social media

Create a comprehensive social media campaign using our library of images, messages, and links. Premade social media content is available for download via our client portal, or you can sign up for a monthly reminder service to have them sent directly to you.

Content integration

Content Integration allows you to display CampusWell content directly on your school’s existing web pages. The feed automatically updates to present the latest topics to your students.

You can place content feeds on as many pages as you’d like. Ideal web properties include department web pages, learning management system portals, scheduling portals, or intranet pages (e.g., student group management portals).

Additionally, content feeds can be customized to fit the layout of any web page. You can select the number of topics to display, location on the page, arrangement, and size, along with topic categories. Best of all, once the content feed is set, it requires no work to maintain it. Content feeds make your CampusWell content more visible and increases student engagement.