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1,000 searchable articles and videos in one platform

Our content platform is the cornerstone of the CampusWell program. Each week, we publish new content for your students with the latest science on how to be happy, healthy, and prosperous. In addition, you also gain access to our archive of over 1,000 searchable articles and videos on topics that cover everything to do with student wellness, such as academics, nutrition, fitness, money management, sexual health, mental and emotional health, mindfulness, relationships, body image, sleep, and much more.

Our content is then disseminated into three different platform types: Student site, Client portal, and Mobile app.

Student site

Students can access custom content through a student portal that is unique to your institution. The student site will include your logo, school colors, and a custom school URL. More than just content, your site can also publish announcements, campus resources, services, and videos.

Client portal

Visit the Client Portal to publish your custom articles, announcements, campus resources, services, and videos, as well as access customized promotional tools and detailed analytics for your institution.


Mobile app

Notify your students of new content through our mobile app, customized to your school.