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Sandwich and fresh vegetables, bottle of water, nuts and fruits on white wooden background | eating healthy at college dining hall

How to plan nourishing meals on- or off-campus

Learning how to navigate food choices and establish a balanced diet can be challenging. Here’s how you can find options ...
white man reading on train during commute | university student commuting stress

9 tips for a stress-free commute

Commuting to and from school can be stressful (especially for those 8 a.m. classes). Here are some ideas to pass ...
college campus

Campus services you may not know about (that are included in your tuition)

Need help navigating college life? Your college has on-campus support for just about everything you need to succeed and thrive ...
Young woman relaxing at home | negotiating paid time off

Why taking time off is important—and how to ask for it

Time off is essential—but most of us don’t get enough of it. Learn how to ask for time off at ...
containers of snack foods on blue background | should you eat more calories when you exercise

Ask the nutritionist: “Should you eat more when you start working out more frequently?”

The more active we are, the more energy our body burns. Find out when and how to fuel yourself when ...
laptop with notifications against yellow background | how to fact check something

Don’t fall for it! Tips for spotting misinformation, doctored videos, and fake news

“Fake news” and disinformation have become commonplace in online spaces. Learn how to identify and stop the spread of this ...
person cracking knuckles close up | is cracking knuckles bad

Ask the doc: “Is cracking my knuckles and other joints bad?”

Love cracking your knuckles? Our doctor addresses whether this habit can cause any long-term problems ...
Black person's hand holding LGBTQ+ pride flag | tips for coming out

Coming out in an unsupportive environment? Developing a cope-ahead plan can help

Coming out and sharing your authentic self with others is something to be celebrated. But doing so in an unsupportive ...
Muslim woman performing incline pushup outdoors | How to do pushups

8 push-up variations to spice up your workout

There are tons of ways to do pushups. Here's how to do 8 pushups variations ...
illustration of person on ladder reaching for stars | visualization meditation

How to use positive visualization to navigate life’s obstacles

Find your happy place with this positive visualization meditation so you can tackle worry and uncertainty head-on ...
e-reader surrounded by books | why are academic papers so hard to read

Ask the professor: “Do you have any tips for reading academic journals that use unfamiliar words?”

Struggling to read an academic paper that's full of jargon and difficult concepts? Use these tips to make your research ...
illustration of person holding umbrella over friend| how to help a friend deal with loss

Ask the counselor: “What’s the best way to help a friend mourn the loss of a loved one?”

Supporting someone who’s grieving can be a challenging process. Our psychologist offers advice on how to help a friend deal ...