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About CampusWell: Mental Health Support for Young Adults

At CampusWell, we’ve dedicated over 15 years to revolutionizing young adult health and wellness. We started by partnering with colleges and universities, and now we’re expanding our reach to empower entire state systems. We offer a comprehensive digital wellness platform designed to address the unique needs of every young adult.

Addressing State-Level Challenges

We understand the challenges faced by state systems:

Content Development: 
Keeping up with the demand for fresh, engaging content, particularly video content craved by Gen Z.

Marketing Expertise:
The internal resources required for effective distribution and promotion of public health campaigns. 

Demonstrating ROI:
Measuring the effectiveness of campaigns to secure funding for future initiatives.

Our State-Specific Solutions

CampusWell offers a unique solution for state systems:

Ready-Made Content Library: 
Over 1,200 original articles and 270 videos, all evidence-based and covering all eight dimensions of wellness.

Customizable Content: 
We can personalize existing content or create new video content tailored to your specific needs.

Gen Z Expertise: 
Our sole focus is young adult mental health and wellness, ensuring content resonates with them. We know how to reach and engage this audience and have a proven track record of over 15 years.

Guaranteed Engagement: 
Our content is proven to attract and retain viewers.

Turnkey Campaigns: 
We handle everything, from content creation to campaign management, freeing up your internal resources.

Measurable Impact: 
 We track campaign performance, providing valuable data to inform future strategies.

Gen Z

We're experts at connecting with Gen Z on mental health and wellness topics.

Proven Content, Faster Results

Get your campaigns launched quickly and efficiently with our customizable platform and engaging content.


Our AI assistant leverages 15+ years of research-backed content to deliver a scalable solution for student mental health and wellness support.
This is just the beginning. Let's empower young adult success, together.