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Traditional/Campus vs Online Education:

Unleash the Power of AI for Personalized Young Adult Wellness

Empowering young adults with the right support at the right time is crucial for their success. But traditional approaches to mental health and wellness programs often struggle to meet the diverse needs of today’s population.

That’s where AI comes in. At CampusWell, we offer a range of AI-powered solutions to personalize young adult wellness and bridge the gap between self-help and professional support.

Facing New Challenges

  • Leverage our expertise and your resources.
  • We train an AI coach using our vast library of content (covering all 8 dimensions of wellness) and resources you provide from your school or state.
  • This personalized coach guides students through self-help options and connects them to relevant on-campus or in-state resources.

Pre-Developed AI Wellness Coach (Free)

  • Experience the power of AI for free!
  • Try our pre-trained AI Wellness Coach here.
  • This coach offers basic support and resources on a variety of wellness topics, including mental health.
  • Download our free mobile app to receive daily mental health and wellness tips and stay on track.

AI Content Library for Your Own Development

  • Build your own AI solution with our comprehensive content library.
  • Access over 1,200 evidence-based articles and 270 videos covering all aspects of mental and physical health.
  • Choose from two versions: Standard or Conservative, to best suit your needs.
  • All content is specifically designed to be engaging to young adults.
  • This option empowers you to develop a custom AI model tailored to your audience demographic.
Benefits of AI-Powered Wellness

Personalized Experience

AI coaches cater to individual needs and preferences.

24/7 Support

Users can access support anytime, anywhere.


AI provides efficient support for large populations.

Reduced Costs

AI can help streamline resources and reduce reliance on in-person services.

Data-Driven Insights

Track audience engagement and adjust services accordingly.
Empower your population to thrive with the power of AI-powered wellness. Contact us today to discuss your specific needs!