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Grad cap and coins

Get through college with less debt: Your guide to scholarships and grants

Grants and scholarships can go a long way in helping you pay for college. Find out how to get some ...
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tin can with question marks

What happens when you mix alcohol with common medications?

Before you imbibe, know the side effects of mixing alcohol with prescription and OTC medications ...
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mountain | guided imagery meditation

10-minute guided imagery meditation to help you stay grounded

Use this guided imagery meditation to find your happy place and cultivate inner stillness even in moments of change and ...
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carrot cake smoothie bowl

UCookbook: Carrot cake smoothie bowl

If it’s been one of those “cake-for-breakfast” weeks (or years), this smoothie bowl will be a welcome addition to your ...
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annoyed looking girl

How students are coping with the uncertainty of 2020

It’s not even over yet and 2020 already feels like the longest year on record. Try these coping strategies to ...
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girl grocery shopping with mask on

Ask the nutritionist: “How can I make healthy choices when I have no money?”

Despite what you might see on social media, healthy eating is not all avocados and $15 juices. Eating healthy on ...
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diverse group illustration | office of diversity and inclusion

What is the diversity and inclusion office, and how can it help me?

Find an inclusive community, mentorship programs, and even financial support at the campus diversity office ...
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people taking pictures of their food

Need lunch inspo? Try these 5 plant-based recipes

Try these easy and delicious plant-based lunch recipes when you need a break from PB&J ...
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guy working out at home

FitnessU: 7 ab exercises that aren’t crunches

Let's be honest—we’re pretty over crunches. Try these easy, crunch-free moves for a strong core ...
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cold brew coffee recipe

UCookbook: An at-home cold brew coffee recipe for busy mornings

Save money by making your cold brew coffee at home ...
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is cardio necessary | Line of people on ellipticals

Ask the trainer: “Is it necessary to do cardio?”

Do you really need to do cardio? And if so, how much? Here's what the experts recommend ...
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early morning meditation

Stay in the present moment with this simple meditation practice

Meditation is a simple practice that anyone can do. Here's a basic exercise to get you started ...
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