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Student health and wellness made simple

CampusWell is a health and wellness program for colleges, universities, and high schools across the US and Canada. Like you, we believe that student wellness is the key to academic success, and our goal is to help you deliver that message to more of your students.

Our story

CampusWell began as a publisher for college health centers. In this role, we learned that college administrators are busy and value high-quality, research-backed wellness content delivered to their students in a form that is relatable, easily accessible, and trustworthy. Today we work with student affairs divisions across all types of academic institutions to establish wellness as integral to success in all areas of students’ lives.

College administrators face new challenges as virtual or hybrid learning models make connecting with students harder than ever—you might have the best content in the world, but it doesn’t matter if nobody sees it. CampusWell provides a comprehensive digital wellness platform complete with a suite of promotional services and tools to help you stay connected to your students, whether on campus or remote. Over the years, we have evolved with the changing academic landscape and students’ preferred media channels, and we will continue to do so in the future.


Our mission

Our mission is to improve student health behaviors and unite the efforts of your student affairs departments to promote student success on your campus. We aim to lighten the load of busy school administrators by providing them with a trustworthy, turnkey solution to health and wellness promotion. We also work to increase the visibility of your health messaging, engaging students both on- and off-campus, and to strengthen the effectiveness of your messaging using detailed analytics.