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School Promotion, Amplified

We understand the challenges of promoting your school to the right audiences, and the strain that creating, executing, and sustaining cohesive, consistent marketing efforts can have on your internal resources. That’s why CampusWell Attract exists – to do all the heavy lifting for you.

CampusWell Attract does exactly that – we help you attract, recruit, and retain quality students by meeting where they are, in the mediums they prefer, in a voice that resonates with them. With a combination of our extensive library of research-backed health and wellness content, our customizable promotion platform to broadly distribute it, and our experience and expertise in digital marketing, we can deliver the student engagement your campus is looking for, guaranteed.

Strategies designed to get the most out of every marketing dollar.


Lead Generation (CPL):

CampusWell internal expertise/resources and established partnerships developed in 20+ years we can deliver qualified prospects that meet your specific requirements.
  • Web
  • Phone Verified
  • Live Transfers
  • Email

Re-Engage & Appointment Setting:

CampusWell seasoned outreach agents combined with our proven scripting will re-engage your prospective students – giving you the best re-engagement for a successful enrollment on all desired degree levels.

Lead Generation Cost Plus: Flat Fee + Cost of Ads and we do the rest:

  • Video Scripting, Production, & Editing
  • Web – Organic Search Engine Optimization, Paid Search
  • Email – Drips, Blasts, Automation
  • Social Media – Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn, YouTube
  • Mobile/Geofencing – Groundtruth
  • Affiliate Marketing

Video campaigns that grab Gen Z’s attention.

The average Gen Z student watches an average of 7.2 hours of video a day

YouTube is the most visited website by Gen Z

Over 14 years of experience engaging with higher education students

Target your best students, not just any students

Attract Better

Leverage our expertise, capabilities, and content platform to drive more quality students to your school, who are more likely to complete their degree.

Recruit Smarter

Do 80% of your students come from the same high schools each year? Work with CampusWell Attract to drive more student applications from your existing network of feeder schools.

Retain More

Healthier students are better students – learn how CampusWell Attract can help you promote health and Wellness on your campus for better student retention.

Attract students who are most likely to be your best.
Recruit to improve conversion rates through phone verification & top-of-mind campaigns.
Retain through student health and wellness programs.

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