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Effortlessly promote video content that reinforces
your campus wellness message

If you want Gen Z’s attention, you have to speak in an authentic voice
using the form or media and social channels they prefer.

Experience immediate, measurable impact


Evidence-based wellness articles
and videos in our library


Videos accessed by students
(since 2012)


Of students indicate they have watched at least one thing in CampusWell that they intend to apply to their everyday life

CampusWell+ takes care of everything so that you don’t have to, easily and effectively promoting your health and well-being message across campus, bolstered by our extensive content archive.

Healthy Habits Start with Student Engagement

A video streaming platform, branded with your school logo and colors, with a library of health and wellness content

Healthy Habits Start with Student Engagement

  • 1000+ CampusWell+ Videos
    Tailored to student needs
  • Used by Hundreds of Schools for over 14 Years
    From small private colleges to large state universities
  • Bite-sized, Actionable Content
    Delivered in a friendly, relatable, and non-judgemental manner
  • Customizable Quality Content
    Co-brand our video content with your college or university
  • Promoted on Your Students Preferred Channels
    We promote the videos on YouTube and social media
  • Custom Video and Channel Creation
    Provide your students with a safe space and direct them to important campus resources

We can help you create a complete campus mental health
solution that empowers your students towards success.

Our content covers all 8 dimensions of wellness


Leverage our platform to reinforce your admissions campaigns

Foster affinity with your feeder schools and stay top of mind for the entirety of the student body’s high school experience by offering the CampusWell+ platform as a sponsored wellness program
A video streaming platform, branded with your school logo and colors, with a library of health and wellness content
Targeted video content and turnkey analytics that provide insight into your campaigns, tracking reach, impressions, engagement, and application conversions
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Support for student acquisition services such as a landing page where students can request an application, as well as marketing strategy, technology, automation, and lead generation

Your partner in student wellness

Hundreds of schools across the United States and Canada trust CampusWell
as their turnkey solution to mental health and wellbeing promotion.