The pros and cons of these 7 common contraceptives

Reading Time: 9 minutes Students share what they like (and don’t) about these common contraceptives.

Condom Pro By Bedsider LLC

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Why we love it:

Get the hang of condoms while learning sweet pieces of condom gossip for sharing with friends or a partner (pillow talk—how romantic does it get?).

Why do we like condoms, again? Because they’re the only form of birth control (other than abstinence) that protects against sexually transmitted infections (STIs). Condoms are also useful contraceptives. With typical use, male condoms are 82 percent effective at preventing pregnancy. With correct use, they’re 98 percent effective. That’s why correct use matters…a lot.

Condom Pro is a game that educates you while you play. Practice opening the condom and putting it on everyday objects. You have to put the condom on correctly to move to the next round. Tear the condom when opening the package? Try again! Put the condom on upside down? Try again! Wait too long to take the condom off? Try again!

The facts on Condom Pro are fun too. Did you know not to use two condoms at the same time? (Check out this month’s ask the relationship educator for more on this.) What about the scents that are most likely to turn someone on? Knowledge is sexy, people. In celebration of World AIDS Day, use this app to help protect you and your partner. is a birth control support network operated by The National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy. They provide information on birth control use and offer reminders to take birth control on time (to make sure it’s most effective).

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