FitnessU: The deck of cards workout

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Playing cards=poker night, amirite? Not so fast. The same suits that boost your bragging rights can boost your fitness, too. Enter the Deck-of-Cards workout—a customizable game to get you moving. You’ll need a deck of cards, a timer, and a mat. Assign a different exercise to each suit, shuffle, and let the face value dictate your rep count. See how many cards you can get through in 30 minutes, or try the ultimate challenge of completing the deck.

The moves

How does a deck of cards turn into a workout, anyway? Our trainer breaks it down, demos the moves, and gets you pumped.

The warm-up

Now that you’ve got the concept, prep your body for what’s coming next with a dynamic warm-up.

The workout

It all comes together here. Follow along with our trainer to complete one card of each suit. Ready for more? We tell you how to keep it rolling long after the video ends.


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3 workouts that work for your schedule, your skills, and your life

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September means fresh starts, you feel me? Suddenly, your superhuman dreams are no longer unattainable. Master time management? Check. Balance your cheese curl consumption with carrots? Got it. Train for a 10K while perfecting your push-ups? Already done…or is it?

Look, we’ve all got big ideas about what we’ll accomplish this year, and we want to help you get there. But research shows that small, measurable goals are easier to reach, set you up for success, and lead to big change over time—without the sacrifice or burnout. It’s science.

So scale it back to make it work. With our mini workouts, you can fit in fitness at any time and in any space. Our trainer takes you through three five-minute routines that serve up a quick sweat and build your fitness base. Do them on nonconsecutive days for a week of workouts that get you closer to superhuman status. Keep making those moves, people.

Workout 1: Upper body

Time to enhance your upper half. This five-minute upper-body workout focuses on compound movements. That means you get more done in less time.

Workout 2: Core control

It all comes down to a strong and controlled core. Watch on to work on your abs, obliques, and lower back for 360-degree strength.

Workout 3: Lower-body burnout

Finish the week strong with this quick lower-body routine. And yup, there are squats. Get ready.