Contributor spotlight: Alexis

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Alexis is a third-year undergraduate at the University of Maryland in Baltimore studying psychology.

She’s the justice of her Student Hearing Board, a member of the Student Health Advisory Council, a relationship violence prevention advocate, and the secretary of Parent’s Club. For this issue, Alexis reviewed the app Sleep Cycle alarm clock.

What are some quirky or unusual facts about yourself?

I’m crazy good at spelling, I used to read the dictionary and quiz myself for fun. I also don’t like pie at all. Any and every kind. I just despise pie in general. I’m an advocate for naturopathy, and other integrative health practices. After graduation I plan to continue my education and become an applied forensic psychologist. Oh, and I’m ambidextrous.

How would you describe yourself? What would your friends say about you?

Personally, I think I’m hilarious…with an extra scoop of corny. I’d also say I’m creative, driven, open-minded, and pretty awkward sometimes. I think my friends would say I’m amusing, nerdy, and slightly dramatic.

2017–18 Student Advisory Board

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