Fooducate by Fooducate, Ltd.

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Why we love it:

To the inexperienced, supermarkets can be daunting. How does one strike the balance between affordable, yummy, and healthy? How in the world do I cut this scary pineapple? Where did I park my car?

We can’t solve all your shopping problems in one go—but Fooducate is a big help. Scan the bar code of supermarket products and the app spits out nutrition grades (from A to D) and detailed specs about the item you’re about to (maybe) purchase.

Didn’t know that a processed pasta sauce delivers lots of saturated fat and added corn syrup? Whoa, how much sugar is in this cranberry juice? Fooducate will fill you in.

The app provides suggestions for healthy alternatives, lets you compare products side-by-side, and warns of allergy triggers and the presence of controversial ingredients such as trans fats and added dyes. All this (and more) is what made Fooducate co-winner of the US Surgeon General’s Healthy App Challenge for the healthy eating category in 2012.

If you want to try something new but don’t know what to expect, Fooducate provides product ratings from users (98 percent like pineapple, which is rated A). And you can browse Fooducate’s database of foods, broken down by category, to find the healthiest options, and then try to find some of those at your store (which, we hope, sells pineapple).

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Devices: iOS and Android
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