In Flow by AITA Ltd.

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Why we love it:

While scientists investigate what makes humans happy, it’s on each of us to figure out what makes this human happy. Otherwise, how can we do more of it? In Flow (“your pocket psychologist”) monitors our feelings and energy. Potentially, In Flow raises our self-awareness, provides valuable insights into the quality of our relationships and activities, and steers us toward the happy things.

What is it?

To use In Flow, first become your own emoticon. Choose eyes that represent your energy level and a mouth that represents your emotions.

Next, log where you are, who you’re with, and what you’re doing. Every so often, answer a question (for example, which of these two locations or friends makes you feel better?). You’ll get several reminders through the day to check in.

In Flow integrates with your other social networks, if you want it to (without posting rogue updates about your crankiness and exhaustion).

Over time, you’ll see which people, places, and pursuits are best and worst for your energy and mood — and they won’t necessarily be what you expected. You can compare what makes you happy (yay) with what you actually spend your time doing (blah), and steer your life in the direction of.

Price: Free
Devices: iOS and Android
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