How CampusWell helps small teams promote wellness at their universities

Reading Time: 3 minutes CampusWell supports Washington and Lee’s office of health promotion by providing students, faculty, and members of the university’s local community with wellness resources.

How to leverage digital wellness content to reduce “melt” at your school

Reading Time: 4 minutes Maintaining a meaningful connection with students from offer acceptance to their first day is key for reducing melt. Learn how to keep students engaged by using rich digital content on topics they care about.

How CampusWell elevates Ashland University’s wellness programs

Reading Time: 3 minutes Ashland University uses CampusWell’s resources to strengthen their existing wellness programs and provide content for their educational partnership with local correctional facilities.

Saint Louis University engages new students with CampusWell’s health and wellness platform

Reading Time: 4 minutes Saint Louis University uses CampusWell’s digital content to engage with new students by promoting health and wellness from the first week of classes.

How Western Dakota Technical College leverages CampusWell to address compliance issues on campus

Reading Time: 3 minutes Western Dakota Tech uses CampusWell’s resources to educate students on compliance issues, support awareness campaigns, and ensure the well-being of their students.

How Bow Valley College uses CampusWell to support students who need quick wellness tips

Reading Time: 3 minutes Bow Valley College administrators and staff use printables to spark in-person conversations with students and provide them with vetted resources they can access online.

Improve student nutrition at your college with an easy-to-implement content solution

Reading Time: 3 minutes Optimal nutrition helps college students improve their physical, emotional, and intellectual wellness, yet many face barriers to regularly choosing a variety of nutrient-rich foods. Here’s how you can help your students.

Rowan-Cabarrus Community College shares the cost-effective way they engage their students

Reading Time: 4 minutes RCCC reaches all of their students by applying a fraction of their activity fees toward effective student engagement, support, and community.

How your college can lead the way to a smoke- and tobacco-free campus

Reading Time: 4 minutes Only 17 % of colleges and universities in the US are officially “tobacco-free.” Whether yours is or isn’t, promoting responsible tobacco use on campus can benefit everyone’s health.

How Portland State University achieves 79% engagement for their health promotion content

Reading Time: 4 minutes PSU credits weekly emails and student-authored articles for their success at promoting health and wellness to their non-traditional students.

Effortlessly leverage your campus wellness message with video content

Reading Time: 3 minutes Tap into CampusWell’s vault of science-based wellness videos created for students like yours.

Are your students sedentary? Here’s how CampusWell can help them stay fit

Reading Time: 3 minutes Why is it important to encourage your students to be physically active? Beyond fitness, there are mental health benefits including more happiness and life satisfaction. Here’s how to promote this in your college