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Girl holding her chest
Many people struggle with acid reflux, or GERD, due to stress, diet, medications, or other lifestyle factors. Learn what treatment ...
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Ask the doc: “Can acid reflux ever be cured?”

How to do everything by Hosts Mike Danforth & Ian Chillag
Looking for an entertaining podcast? This one's for you ...
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Apps and podcasts we love: How To Do Everything

Male doing pushups

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Summertime is a great opportunity to change the setting of your workout. Take advantage of the weather and get ...
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Outdoor summer workout

Moscow mule mocktail
Looking for a refreshing bev? This one's a gem ...
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UCookbook: Moscow mule mocktails

Group of students in library
With a little planning, you can beat those end-of-term, beginning-of-summer-class blues to keep going when the going gets tough. Here ...
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Ask the professor: “How do you stay motivated through summer classes?”

Grocery case illustration with meat and other foods
There is a fair amount of controversy over whether eating meat is bad for you. Is there any truth behind ...
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Ask the nutritionist: “I keep hearing a lot about how eating meat often is bad for you. How true is this?”

Fitness U Workout
It’s important to properly prime your muscles before diving into any exercise to avoid injury. Our trainer takes you through ...
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FitnessU: The best warm-ups for all workouts

UCookbook: Gourmet chickpea sandwich
If you've ever known the struggle of being in a sandwich rut, this recipe is for you ...
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UCookbook: Gourmet chickpea sandwich

Guy and girl working out at home
Can't make it to the gym today? Try these three easy abdominal exercises you can do at home.  ...
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Ask the trainer: “What are the best abdominal exercises to do at home?”

Liver health-hepatitis C by NYC Health Department
It's Hepatitis Awareness Month! Use the Liver Health app to to take a prescreening test for Hepatitis C, locate a ...
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Apps and podcasts we love: Liver Health-Hepatitis C

Closeup of freshly toasted granola
This DIY granola recipe is perfect for an easy breakfast or healthy snack ...
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UCookbook: Decadent DIY granola

Stand up! The work break timer by Raised square LLC
Whether sitting in class, studying, or working at a computer, the Stand Up! app will remind you to take regular ...
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Apps and podcasts we love: Stand Up!