Ask the nutritionist: “Should you eat more when you start working out more frequently?”

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Apps and podcasts we love: Mealime

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Ask the doc: When should I be concerned with the amount of gas I am experiencing?

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Quiz: How much sugar are you actually consuming?

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What’s a plant-based diet? (No, you don’t have to give up all meat!)

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Ask the nutritionist: “How can I best avoid food cravings?”

Reading Time: 2 minutes Our expert answers how you can avoid food cravings. (Hint: Don’t.)

How to spot disordered eating habits—and what to do about it

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Ask the nutritionist: “How do you manage a healthy diet when you’re constantly busy?”

Reading Time: 3 minutes Eating a healthy diet when you’re constantly busy can seem like an uphill battle . The key is to make nourishment a way to support your busy life rather than a stressful distraction from it.

6 strategies to make healthy eating easier

Reading Time: 6 minutes Not only are diets unsustainable–they just don’t work. Instead, try these 6 expert-backed strategies to making eating healthy a cinch.