Campus services you may not know about (that are included in your tuition)

Reading Time: 8 minutes Need help navigating college life? Your college has on-campus support for just about everything you need to succeed and thrive.

Help your students stay in school longer by supporting their social and emotional well-being

Reading Time: 3 minutes Many students are back on campus for the first time in a while. With lockdowns and distancing, they’re struggling socially. Your school has an opportunity to influence student social wellness now, more than ever.

Ask the doc: “Can I get ringworm if my roommate has it?”

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Fake news or facts? How to tell if a health site is trustworthy

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Help stop the spread of coronavirus: 5 steps to proper handwashing

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A meal-prep plan for a full week of breakfast, lunch, and dinner

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Quiz: How much sugar are you actually consuming?

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Smoking Q&A: What do we know about vaping, juuling, and cigarettes?

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How to spot disordered eating habits—and what to do about it

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Your second brain: How your gut affects your mental health

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UCookbook: Healthier, fudgier 3-ingredient brownies

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It’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Here’s how to do a self-exam

Reading Time: 3 minutes October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Here’s how to do a breast self-check.